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Dental implants

When carrying out your daily tasks, it is very easy to find yourself knocking out a tooth.


Besides, accidents happen now and then, Maybe you are playing soccer or had an accident and found yourself on the ground with a bleeding mouth and on checking further, you have lost a tooth. The good news is that dentures and bridges are no longer the only options for you to replace the lost tooth. Nowadays, dental implants are becoming very popular among people and one of the main benefits is that they are pretty long-lasting and don’t change the appearance of your natural teeth. In this article, we will discuss dental implants and everything you need to know about them.


Dental implants are artificial teeth used in the replacement of natural ones that have been lost or misaligned. This can be very problematic because once a tooth is missing, it affects the overall health of your mouth and makes it harder to chew food.


Also, if the tooth is misaligned or not at the place it is supposed to be, it can lead to other problems such as abscessed teeth and infected jaw bones. However, in the cases of dental implants, this problem would be completely resolved.


These dental implants are usually used in replacing the teeth that support the tongue and not the ones that are visible from the outside. They are placed inside the jaw bone. The procedure involves the use of a local anaesthetic and is minimally invasive.


When it comes to subperiosteal implants, involves replacing the teeth that you can see from the outside of your mouth. The placement of the implant is done in the same manner as explained above. However, this procedure is done where there is no enough bone.

These dentures are supported by an implant, which is placed inside the jawbone. These types of dentures are very similar to conventional dentures and are used by people with weak jawbones. For implant-supported dentures, several different implants can be used. These implants come in different sizes and shapes, which are shaped to fit into the jawbone correctly. The implants are placed by implanting tiny rods into the bone, which serve as anchors. The rod is then fixed and the implant is placed in the jaw with high precision.


These bridges are also supported by an implant, which is placed inside the jawbone. As the name suggests, these are used as a replacement to your regular bridge, which helps you get rid of your misaligned teeth. However, unlike removable dentures and conventional bridges, implant-supported bridges can be fixed in the mouth permanently and thus, provide the support required. The procedure involves the implant being placed under the jawbone, where there is enough bone. This procedure is also minimally invasive. So, there you have it. We hope that we have covered everything you need to know about dental implants.

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If you are planning to use implants to replace a missing or misaligned tooth or want to know more about the procedures, then this has been the right article.